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#40010 Extra One-Off Task --- 1517 days ago Details

Extra One-Off Task

Date submitted: April 24, 2020, 7:40 pm

Task Description:
We have an issue with our network multisite set up. We don't know what the cause of the issue is but we've been advised by our server host and a plugin developer (see below) that they believe the issue we have is with our multisite set up. I will list out the issues below (but we think it's all down to a common multisite issue). A) My local network will not connect to the sites at all (front end or back end). When I try to go to the sites the browser hangs & I get an error "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" If I try using my mobile I can reach the sites fine. The issue is not with my local area network. I can surf the rest of the internet without any issue. It's only when I try to access our multisite that I get this problem. I've tested with lots of devices. When it's on my local area network, I cannot get access via any device (therefore it's not an isolated device issue). I've tested with other devices on other networks & can access the sites OK. I've tried re-booting my router, clearing cache, restarting devices, incognito browsers. Nothing works. I do not believe this is an ISP. I think something is stopping my IP from reaching the sites? In summary; on my local internet connection, using any device I cannot connect to the sites at all (front of back end). Using any device on another network I can connect. There's no other issue with my local internet connection as I can surf the rest of the internet without issue. It's as if there's a cache issue or IP issue stopping my local internet connection from reaching the multisite network. B) When I can reach the sites (using another network, not my local network) & try to log in. I get the error message: "Error: cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress". I have to re-fresh several times to gain access. C) We are using the plugin NS-Cloner Pro to copy our existing network sites settings to create new sites. It's not working properly. We've tried reaching out to the developer and they've had a look and have advised we have a multisite setup issue. D) The multisite is very slow. We've checked the server & it doesn't seem to be maxing out on CPU or RAM. There's also more than enough storage. Therefore we don't believe it's a server issue. One of our websites is particularly slow. We've tried disabling & enabling plugins but can't find any plugin conflict or issue. Therefore, there are several issues however we believe these are all common related issues to do with the multisite set up. We would kindly like someone to look into it and try to fix this problem. Thank you.

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